Afghans welcome Chinese involvement to bring killers to justice

Afghans welcome Chinese involvement to bring killers to justice

The Afghans are warmly welcome anyone who condemns inhuman actions badly affects the innocent Afghan people. The condemnation of war crimes committed by the foreign soldiers in Afghanistan since the US entered the country alongside its western allies nearly 20 years ago. An Afghan official said.
Other countries must follow the suite. To take a close eye on the issue, this could mean that China is willing to be involved in the Afghan issues, especially in the crimes committed during the war against our Afghan civilians.

It means killing unarmed people is not acceptable for China. Beijing’s strong reaction is a great example of such. Since China is a powerful country that definitely has its influence in the region, such a move would give assurance that no country would even think to avoid culprits from being trailed, an Afghan official said.

Afghans welcome Chinese involvement to bring killers to justice, officials said

At the same time, the Afghan government thanks these Western troops had helped the Afghan people and the government a lot in the fight against terrorists in the past many years.

Condemning the crimes that inflicted casualties on innocent Afghans is not the only way to justice and fairness, but indeed, it needs the true acts of prosecution of those committing such crimes.
A bombshell report revealed that the Australian Special Forces in the southern part of Afghanistan killed 39 civilians who were innocent. The report earned widespread criticism around the world and as well as Afghan officials.

A recent statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman, who posted a photo of the Australian soldier with an Afghan civilian, drew a strong criticism by the Australian government.

China’s official posted the image of an Australian soldier on Twitter on Monday expressed shock by the murder of Afghan civilians and prisoners by Australian soldiers, and has strongly condemned such acts, and called for holding them accountable.

Immediately the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reacted to the report, seeking an apology from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who condemned Australian soldiers atrocity against Afghan civilians.

The concerning point is that if the perpetrators of such ruthless crimes went scot-free, our people, who suffered a lot, will lose trust in the western troops, and it will rise hater against them.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already pledged to bring the offenders to justice

which is a welcoming move for Afghanistan officials. The agonized Afghans welcome China’s move not to only condemn but also react strongly over unlawful killings in Afghanistan and we also welcome other countries’ standpoint to bringing the killers of innocent Afghans to justice.

The rage and roar of some Australian politicians and media is nothing but a misreading of an overreaction to Mr Zhao’s tweet,” the Chinese embassy in Canberra said in a statement on Tuesday.

Australia was seeking to “stoke domestic nationalism”, and “deflect public attention from the horrible atrocities by certain Australian soldiers against Afghan Civilians”, it said.

Afghanistan close to peace deal

Finally, after nearly three months of discussion, Afghanistan and Taliban peace representatives said on Wednesday evening that they had reached an agreement on rules and procedures. The Afghan leaders and Washington welcomed the announcement as a significant step to move forward.

The agreement lays out the way forward for further discussion on the agendas. The agreement was considered a breakthrough because it will allow both sides to enter into official talks under the structure of intra-Afghan talks, which have been delayed for months as both sides were releasing conflicting reports on the progress.

Today, the plenary meeting was held between the intra-Afghan negotiation teams. In this meeting, a joint working committee was tasked to prepare the draft topics for the agenda, said a senior member of the government negotiation team, Nader Naderi.

Mohammad Naeem, Spokesman for the Taliban political office in Qatar, confirmed that the procedure including its preamble of the intra-Afghan negotiations has been finalized. From now on, the negotiations will begin on the agenda, Naeem said in a tweet.

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