WA hard border stay until Saturday Mark McGowan said

WA hard border stay until Saturday Mark McGowan said

Mark McGowan will keep the hard WA border until Saturday and with NSW and Victoria until Tuesday 8th of December, after the latest confirmation of the New Covid case in NSW. To keep people of Western Australia safe, healthy, protected and prosperous.
People of Western Australia with the discipline and following instructions of WA Chief Health Officer for so many months helped to prevent spreading of Covid-19 and keep WA safe. No community transmission has been confirmed in Western Australia.

WA hard border stay until Saturday and with NSW until Tuesday 8th of December Mark McGowan said.

Obviously, the news out of New South Wales this morning is concerning. I spoke with our Chief Health Officer this morning, who had sought further information from NSW as soon as news broke of their latest case.
At this point, it is too early to say what this COVID-19 case means for our plans to transition NSW to a ‘very low risk’ State on Tuesday, 8 December.
Like we have always said, we will assess the situation closely and collect all the necessary information before making any decision.

I expect in the coming days we will be in a position to provide some clarity, once we fully understand what this means for NSW. I understand this brings a new level of uncertainty for many people who were planning to travel.
Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world we are living in right now and this is why I will always follow the latest expert health advice.
This is why we take an extra cautious approach.

If we need to delay the December 8 transition, then we will. But that decision will only be based on health advice.
It is too early to say if this has any impact on Victoria, I hope it doesn’t. They have now reached 35 days without a community transmission, however, their border is open to NSW.
Right now, we will continue to monitor NSW and stand ready to help with contact tracing if that is what they need.
In the meantime, our controlled interstate border continues to work effectively, to protect all Western Australians and keep our State safe and strong.

Not an easy decision, but prevention is necessary to keep people in Western Australia safe.

NSW Sydney quarantine Hotel worker got infected by covid-19 mystery

Easing of restrictions in NSW on Monday will go ahead despite the confirmation of a new COVID-19 case this morning. I would not hesitate to act if the advice of health officials changed, said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Dr Chant said, the quarantine Hotel worker did not have direct contact with infected from overseas or patients. It is a mystery of how she got infected and how the Covid-19 transmission happened. We’re actually ensuring that there may be other workers and the importance of getting immediately tested.

The woman travelled from Minto to Central Station while potentially infected by Covid-19 and then would travel on the light rail from Central to the hotel complex in Darling Harbour. It occurred between from November 27-30, took about an hour and it was unclear which carriage.

She did wear a face mask. Nothing is perfect and guarantee protection against the Covid-19. But we appreciate that she did wear one, Dr Chant said.

NSW authorities are still in the early stages of the investigation, but confident to be able to determine the source within the next 24 to 48 hours through genome sequencing, Mr Hazzard said.

The worker’s household were all urgently tested and authorities have identified other potential close contacts. The good news is her five family members were overnight tested negative, that’s a good outcome, Mr Hazzard said.

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