Western Australia back to normal Border Closed to NSW Victoria Queensland

WA hard border stay until Saturday Mark McGowan said

Western Australia again back as usual normal state Hard border in place. The border has been closed this midnight to Queensland after previous Closure to NSW and Victoria. This morning, we convened an Emergency Meeting to discuss the latest situation in Queensland – and the extremely concerning case of the hotel quarantine cleaner in Brisbane.

Our Chief Health Officer has been in contact with his counterpart and has provided new, updated health advice this morning. Our health officials and Queensland health officials both agree this is a dangerous situation, not only for Brisbane but for the whole of Australia.
This is Australia’s first known local case of the super-fast spreading UK variant of COVID-19.
Evidence shows this variant is 70 per cent more infectious than other strains – and we all know how easy the original strain of COVID-19 transmits through our community.

Western Australia back in normal Border Closed to NSW Victoria Queensland

This new strain is now setting a whole new benchmark in our fight against COVID-19.

The rulebook continues to evolve, as does COVID. As result, we cannot hesitate – we cannot sit back, wait and watch. With COVID-19 and this new strain, we cannot assume anything.
Given the number of contacts and potentially affected venues and locations, we need to move fast. Queensland and the whole of Australia are on high alert.
I completely support Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to put greater Brisbane into a 3-day lockdown – it’s the right move, it’s the smart pre-emptive move that’s necessary in the world we live in.

Our thoughts are with our friends and family in Queensland.
Tonight, when they go into lockdown, they are not just doing it for Queensland – they are doing it for the whole nation.

  • Travel to Western Australia from Queensland
  • Based on the latest up-to-date information, and new expert health advice, a hard border will return between Western Australia and Queensland.
    This will come into effect from midnight tonight, that is 12.01 am tomorrow, the 8th of January.
    This means Queensland will move from a ‘very low risk’ state to a ‘medium risk’ state under our health advice. This is the same approach taken to Victoria on New Year’s Eve.
    As a result, travel from Queensland will no longer be permitted except for exempt travellers.
    This also applies to anyone who may have been in Queensland since 2 January and hasn’t completed 14 days in a lower risk state or territory.
    This means all arrivals will need to meet a strict exemption category to enter WA. The exemption list is the same, as it stands for New South Wales and Victoria.
    Compassionate grounds will be considered by Western Australia Police, as has always been the case. This will include Western Australians who recently travelled to Queensland, and need to return to Western Australia.

    These people will be assessed by WA Police and will be required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine on arrival into Western Australia.

    Requirements for arrivals from Queensland since 2 January

    Western Australia Police advise we have had about 7,500 arrivals from Queensland since 2 January.
    In line with health advice, we are requiring these arrivals to immediately enter self-quarantine until they have completed 14 days in Western Australia.
    These recent arrivals will also be required to be tested for COVID-19 by Tuesday, 12 January.

    Obviously, today is 41 degrees – so from a health perspective, we are NOT telling people to rush to a COVID clinic today.
    Department of Health will increase resources at our COVID clinics to ensure we can get through as many tests, as quickly as possible by Tuesday.
    But you do need to expect delays – just like we see everywhere around Australia and the world – so we ask everyone to be patient and to bring water and sun protection, in case the wait is long.
    They will also need to be tested on Day 11 of their quarantine.
    Anyone in this category will be contacted by WA Police with these instructions, as a result of the G2G Pass declaration system in place in WA.

    Today, there are 9 flights from Queensland due at Perth Airport, we are expecting around 1,400 passengers. These people will be granted entry and will need to be tested on arrival at the airport. This will also likely result in delays in being processed at the airport, so we please ask for your patience. They will immediately go into self-quarantine for 14 days, and will also need to be tested on Day 11.
    If you are a recent arrival from Queensland or arriving today, before midnight, you are free to depart WA and return to Queensland. You just need to follow the instructions from WA Police and our health professionals and provide the necessary information before you leave self-quarantine and prior to your travel.

    I also want Western Australians to understand, that unless it is absolutely necessary, please avoid travel outside of Western Australia.

    Things can change extremely quickly, and I know it will cause problems for some people – but we need to follow health advice.
    If you have come into contact with someone who recently arrived from Queensland, you do not need to self-quarantine and you only need to be tested for COVID-19 if symptoms develop.
    I understand this is going to cause many problems for many people, but we need to take this course of action to protect all Western Australians.
    These are extraordinary circumstances – we are not just dealing with the COVID-19 of 2020 – this is a whole new beast and we must take action to prevent this deadly virus from spreading into our community.
    Mark McGowan said I have a responsibility for every Western Australian, and I need to do what is right to keep our State safe and strong.

    The Western Australian community has been COVID free for now 272 days – nearly 9 months.

    All the way along, throughout this pandemic, our best defence has been our border controls. And now is not the time to be taking unnecessary risks or being complacent.
    Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience.
    I think we all hoped the worst of COVID was behind us – but 2021 seems to look a lot like 2020 right now.
    But what know now, compared to this time last year, is that the best approach is to eliminate the virus from our community.

    Department of Health will increase resources at our COVID Clinics to help get through the increased number of tests
  • but you do need to expect delays. We ask everyone to be patient and to bring water and sun protection, in case the wait is long.
  • Those affected by this will also need to be tested on Day 11 of their quarantine period.
    Anyone in this category will be contacted by WA Police with these instructions, as a result of the G2G Pass declaration system in place in WA.

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