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Welcome Speech Songkran Festival 2018 Perth Australia

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Welcome Speech Songkran Festival 2018 Perth Australia
Songkran means the shift of the sun from one side of the zodiac to the other. The holiday is celebrated when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, beginning a new astrological year. The origins of Thai New Year combine Buddhist beliefs, ancient astrology, and the solar calendar. Songkran is also known as the Water Festival. New Year in Thailand is greeted with a splash of scented water to wish someone a happy new year. It is believed that water help to cleanse and to wash away unhappiness from the previous year.

Welcome Speech Songkran Festival 2018 Perth Australia. – Event date: 14th of April 2018

For Thai people it’s a celebration bringing in the new year, and although traditionally the date changed depending on astrological calculations, nowadays it’s always celebrated on April 13 (although the Songkran holiday is from April 13 to 15).

The gentle splashing of water is a Thai New Year ritual, the water symbolising cleansing and renewal. Traditionally, scented water is sprinkled on Buddha images and younger people sprinkle water on their elders as a sign of respect.

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