Rare baby Golden Possum joey cute Australian possums animals Australia

Baby Golden possum cute Australian animals Pikachu

Rare baby golden possum joey cute Australian possums rare animals Australia

This is the mini real Pikachu just a few weeks old brushtail baby possum really cute. Possums in Australia are bit different than a usual possum. Unique. This Gold possum is very rare. You do not see them in nature anymore. Gold colour BRUSHTAIL possums, adorable and rare, are an unusual form of the common brushtail possum that get their fluffy golden coats from a genetic mutation that results in low levels of melanin in their skin and fur; this is the same pigment that gives human skin and hair its colour and makes you look tanned.

The Golden possum is a nocturnal animal.

Baby Golden brushtail possums:

– are mostly found in small pockets in Tasmania where there are fewer wild predators but others are known to live on Melbourne’s outskirts. But we have them in WA in Caversham Wildlife Park in Western Australia.

Baby Golden brushtail possums:
The common brushtail golden possum is largely arboreal and nocturnal. It has a mostly solitary lifestyle, and individuals keep their distance with scent markings and vocalisations. They usually make their dens in natural places such as tree hollows and caves but also use spaces in the roofs of houses. While they sometimes share dens, brushtails normally sleep in separate dens. Brushtail possums compete with each other and other animals for den spaces, and this contributes to their mortality. This is likely another reason why brushtail possum population densities are smaller in Australia than in New Zealand. Brushtail possums are usually not aggressive towards each other and usually just stare with erect ears. They vocalise with clicks, grunts, hisses, alarm chatters, guttural coughs, and screeching.

Baby Golden possum – Food:

The common brushtail golden possum can adapt to numerous kinds of vegetation. It prefers Eucalyptus leaves same like koalas but also eats flowers, shoots, fruits, and seeds. It may also consume animal matter such as insects, birds eggs and chicks, and other small vertebrates. Brushtail possums may eat three or four different plant species during a foraging trip, unlike some other arboreal marsupials, such as the koala and the greater glider, which focus on single species. The brushtail possum’s rounded molars cannot cut Eucalyptus leaves as finely as more specialised feeders. They are more adapted to crushing their food, which enables them to chew fruit or herbs more effectively. The brushtail possums’ caecum lacks internal ridges and cannot separate coarse and fine particles as efficiently as some other arboreal marsupials. The brushtail baby golden possums cannot rely on Eucalyptus alone to provide sufficient protein. Its more generalised and mixed diet, however, does provide adequate nitrogen.

Baby Golden possum – Habitat:
The common brushtail possum is perhaps the most widespread marsupial of Australia. It is found throughout the eastern and northern parts of the continent, as well as some western regions. The common brushtail possum can be found in a variety of habitats, such as forests, semi-arid areas and even cultivated or urban areas. This may be because Australia has more fragmented eucalypt forests and more predators. In Australia, brushtail possums are threatened by humans, tiger quolls, dogs, foxes, cats, goannas, carpet snakes, and powerful owls.

Baby Brushtail Golden possum facts:

The common brushtail possum is considered a pest in some areas, as it is known to cause damage to pine plantations, regenerative forest, flowers, fruit trees, and buildings. Like other possums, it is rather tolerant of humans and can sometimes be hand-fed, although it is not encouraged, as their claws are quite sharp and can cause infection or disease to humans if scratched. It is a traditional food source for some indigenous Australians.

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