Perth Covid-19 Restrictions lifted on Sunday life will be back to normal

Covid-19 Restrictions lifted on Sunday life will return back to normal

After Perth, five-day lockdown announced 30th of January 2021 and following transition Covid-19 restrictions until 14th of Februari 12:01 am will life return back to normal from Sunday 14th of February.

12 Days 0 cases of local Covid-19 transmission. Western Australians have risen to the challenge – doing the right thing, getting tested and making sure we prevent any community transmission of the virus.
It showed that our systems worked – and now we can get back to where we were, Mark McGowan said.

I call it pure luck anyone infected by the UK strain should infect hundreds of people. Perth was lucky again.

Western Australian government confirm, based on the latest health advice and pending no new local cases, from midnight on Saturday night, the transitional restrictions will come to an end and we will revert back to where we were on the 30th of January.

Perth Covid-19 Restrictions lifted on Sunday life will be back to normal

Only a few restrictions will apply, like the standard capacity rules, restrictions on remote Aboriginal communities, mandatory contact registration and of course, our Controlled Interstate Border.
The wearing of masks will no longer be compulsory as of Sunday.

I know it’s been annoying, but the response from everyone has been fantastic – thank you once again to everyone for doing their bit, Mark McGowan said.

But while we’re winding back these restrictions, we need everyone to keep up the COVID safe practices – washing your hands, keeping a distance where possible, get tested when unwell and using SafeWA.
Recent changes made to contact registers and SafeWA will continue to apply. When you go out, you need to sign in. It’s simple, but as we’ve seen this week, it can make a huge difference.
I also want to give a special acknowledgment to our dedicated health staff and WA Police Force.
Our teams at health geared up and dealt with a significant increase in testing – long hours, extra clinics – they all did a brilliant job.
And our Police did a brilliant job across our community, ensuring people were following the restrictions and providing an important community service. They also did a brilliant job manning nine checkpoints across the state, as part of the travel restrictions we had in force.
To everyone who helped get our State through the last two weeks by doing the right thing, getting tested and following the rules – thank you so much.

Anyone in Western Australia will now be assessed for a COVID-19 test if they present with ANY of the following:

a fever of 37.5°C or above
a documented history of a fever in the last few days
an acute respiratory infection (e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat)
acute loss of smell or taste
If you have these symptoms, please get tested, and help us identify every case of COVID-19 in WA as early as possible.

To find a testing location, please visit: Articles/A_E/ COVID-clinics

SafeWA is the WA Government’s free contact register app, which offers a secure and efficient way to check-in via a QR code.

Information obtained through this app goes directly to WA Health and is securely stored for 28 days unless it is needed for contact tracing purposes.

More than 1.1 million Western Australians and 32,000 businesses have already downloaded SafeWA, and there have been more than 20 million check-ins with the app since its launch last month.

Industry engagement will be conducted with stakeholders over the next two weeks to ensure these expanded measures are implemented smoothly.

Public transport users are encouraged to register their SmartRider card to ensure their contact details are available if needed. People are also encouraged to tag on and off Free Transit Zone bus services with their SmartRider. People who have registered should ensure they check their details are up-to-date. Passengers using Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are also encouraged to use the SafeWA QR code, which will be available in coming weeks.

SafeWA can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and more information can be found at

Failing to comply with these new requirements could result in penalties of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a body corporate, or 12 months’ imprisonment.

Western Australian controlled interstate border with Victoria and New South Wales. Restrictions

The Chief Health Officer provided updated advice on the situation in NSW, and with the last community case of COVID-19 recorded on January 15, NSW is due to reach 28 days of no community transmission today.
As a result, we can now safely move NSW from ‘low risk’ to ‘very low risk’.
A decision was taken for this occur from 12:01am, on Tuesday, February 16, pending no further outbreaks.
Just to be clear, under the ‘very low risk’ category, safe travel is permitted into WA subject to the following updated conditions:

  • completion of a G2G Pass declaration, stipulating they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and which jurisdictions the traveller has been in over the previous 14 days
  • all Perth Airport arrivals to undergo a health screening and temperature test
  • travellers to be prepared to take a COVID-19 test at the airport COVID clinic, if deemed necessary by a health clinician; and
  • and arrivals to be met at the border checkpoint, for a health screening and to have their G2G Pass declaration checked.
  • This will mean all Australian jurisdictions will be classified in the ‘very low risk’ category, except Victoria.
    The situation in Victoria is very concerning.

    Currently, under our border controls, arrivals from Victoria are required to return a negative COVID test result, before they complete 14 days of self-quarantine.
    This border control puts us in a strong position, to be able to handle any outbreak in Victoria if that was to eventuate.
    However, given the concerning situation in Victoria as they enter lockdown, the Chief Health Officer has recommended Victoria be reclassified as ‘medium risk’ for a short period until the situation is controlled.

    This will be a 72-hour hard border with Victoria, pending updated health advice.
    Therefore, Victoria arrivals at Perth Airport today will be tested at the airport before going into their 14 days of self-quarantine.
    Then, beginning tonight, from 6 pm, the full ‘medium risk’ category will come into force until at least 12:01 am, Tuesday, February 16, pending updated health advice.
    The 72-hour hard border with Victoria means only exempt travellers are permitted. This is the standard exemption list, as we have used before. The exemption list is limited to:

  • certain senior Government officials
  • certain active military personnel
  • a member of the Commonwealth Parliament
  • a person carrying out functions under a law of the Commonwealth
  • a person responsible for transport freight or logistics
  • anyone who is given approval by State Emergency Coordinator or an authorised officer.
  • The final category includes compassionate reasons – including those Western Australians that may have travelled to Victoria recently and need to return to WA.
  • These people will be assessed by WA Police and will be required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 on arrival and on day 11.
    Information will be available on the website as soon as possible.
    I know this will be frustrating and cause disruption for many people, but we need to be extra cautious here. Our border arrangements have worked for us all through dealing with this pandemic.
    Right now, our thoughts are with our friends and family in Melbourne and Victoria as they head into lockdown. They are doing this not just for Victoria, but for the whole nation.
    Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding.

    Perth Covid-19 Restrictions lifted on Sunday life will be back to normal

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