Perth Christmas Pageant 2018 big crowd attended this year

As many years before,  people from around Perth attend the Christmas Pageant in Perth. This year was a bit earlier exactly 24 days before Christmas.

By the statistics this year the Christmas Pageant was attended by 200 000 happy people, but  I think it was about 50 000 overall. The weather was a bit windy, but it is usual that at every Christmas Pageant as i do remember is cold and windy.

I do remember there were 2 RAC Christmas Pageants cancelled due to bad weather. Or just the one and the next one was canceled due to security threat.

The performers this year were fantastic, a lot of entertainment music and fun as it is every year at the Perth Christmas Pageant.

Many many people were lining up along St George’s Terrace for  many hours before the Christmas Pageant started. It was really hard to find a good spot.

Every year the  Christmas pageant is special, something new with  new performers, it was amazing this year the weather wasn’t so harsh.

Amazing atmosphere and happy children enjoyed the entertainment and The Red Man Santa came in his fancy sleigh lead by reindeer’s and Santa’s little helpers the elves.

Here is a little tease from today’s RAC Christmas Pageant 😉 I really enjoyed it this year Christmas just that traffic to go out of the Perth was terrible.

I read people were whinging that need to wait 1 week until they can watch it in TV, on  other hand i understand some people don’t like mass events and rather watch it on TV. The crowd of people attending this years Christmas Pageant was big, but smaller than previous year. What do you think?

If you don’t like to wait 1 week until you can watch it on TV, you can watch the previous years Christmas Pageants 🙂

Christmas Pageant from Perth 2016


Or Christmas Pageant from Perth 2013


Christmas pageant in Perth 2018.


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Perth Christmas Pageant 2018 big crowd attended this year