Lion Dance Yaolin Buddha Blessing Perth Western Australia

Lion Dance Yaolin Buddha Blessing Perth Western Australia

Lion Dance Yaolin Buddha Blessing Perth Western Australia

The tradition of lion dance, has been part of Southern Asian culture for thousands of years, and is one of China’s most distinctive cultural arts. Often performed by Kung Fu schools, it brings with it good fortune, prosperity and longevity. It adds a festive atmosphere, and plays an important role (not only during Chinese New Year), but at weddings, consecration of temples and alike, business openings, and other official celebrations with its parade of colours and live percussion instrument accompaniment. During the dance itself, all of the props used also carry auspicious meanings, bringing well wishes.

Lion Dance Yaolin Perth Australia. – Event date: 15th April 2018

Lion Dance

The lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. The lion dance is usually performed during the Chinese New Year and other Chinese traditional, cultural and religious festivals.

The Chinese lion dance is normally operated by two dancers, one of whom manipulates the head while the other forms the rear end of the lion. It is distinguishable from the dragon dance which is performed by many people who hold the long sinuous body of the dragon on poles. Chinese lion dance fundamental movements can be found in Chinese martial arts, and it is commonly performed to a vigorous drum beat.

There are two main forms of the Chinese lion dance, the Northern Lion and the Southern Lion. Both forms are commonly found in China, but around the world especially in South East Asia, the Southern Lion predominates as it was spread by the Chinese diaspora communities who are historically mostly of Southern Chinese origin. Versions of lion dance related to the Chinese lion are also found in Japan, Korea, Tibet and Vietnam. Other forms of lion dance exist around the world, for example, Singa Barong in Indonesian culture.

Fo Shan is the style adopted by many kung fu schools. It uses kung fu moves and postures to help with its movements and stances, and only the most advanced students are allowed to perform. Traditionally, the Fo Shan lion has bristles instead of fur and is heavier than the modern ones now popularly used. All traditional Fo Shan lions have pop-up teeth, tongue, and eyes that swivel left and right. On the back are gold-foiled rims and a gilded collar where the troupe’s name may be sewn on. It has a very long tail with a white underside and is often attached with bells. The designs of the tail are also more square and contain a diamond pattern going down the back. It has a high forehead, curved lips and a sharp horn on its head

The Yaolin Team

Yaolin Kung Fu Association established in 1995. “Yaolin”, in Cantonese meaning “Friends United”, was chosen as the Club’s name. It serves to remind the founders that without the unity of friends and loyalty, the school will not be successful.

Yaolin Kung Fu Association represented Australia in the “6th International Dragon & Lion Dance Championship” held in Shanghai 2017 (described as the “Olympics of Dragon and Lion Dance”). Our routine received 1st place in the Western Division, and 2nd in the Overall Division under the “Traditional Lion Dance Routine”.

As well as representing Australia amongst international exhibitions, performances and training, Yaolin Kung Fu Association has performed at thousands of events over the last 23 years for all kinds of occasions. Established in 1995 (Perth, Western Australia), the primary aim of the Yaolin Kung Fu Association is one which strives to preserve and promote the Chinese culture within our Club and community. We also dance for the love and fun of the art, and we hope to create strong bonds, not only amongst ourselves but also with our clients and other Dragon and Lion Dancing groups across the world. We hope to be a part of your future festivities. For events booking or interest in joining the team, please contact us.

Member and Associate of:
Global Pak Mei Martial Arts Association – Hong Kong
International Wai Mou Dragon & Lion Dance Feberation- Malaysia
Meng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance Association – Malaysia
Xuan Long Dragon & Lion Dance Association – Malaysia
Australian Kung Fu (Wu-Shu) Federation

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