Sat. 8th Aug 2020

Nimpo Taijutsu Martial Arts Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018

Nimpo Taijutsu Martial Arts Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018
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Nimpo Taijutsu Martial Arts Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018
About Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018
Perth Japan Festival (Matsuri event) is a Japanese cultural event that includes traditional music and clothing, martial arts and dance demonstrations, and Japanese food and goods. The Festival (Matsuri event) that is a pubic event and will take place in the Perth CBD. The Festival is the biggest Japanese cultural event in WA and the only event held in Perth that is dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture.

Nimpo Taijutsu Martial Arts Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018

About Bujinkan Tora Dojo Perth Western Australia Group

The Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu

Is a school created by Dr. Massaki Hatsumi which main goal is to teach and spread the knowledge of nine traditional Japanese martial arts. All these nine schools have different techniques, weapons and philosophical approaches. The knowledge and techniques that comprises the Bujinkan system have been developed for hundreds of years, some are more than 900 years old, and are deeply embedded in the history of Japan and its culture.

Ninjutsu is taught in three of nine schools within the Bujinkan: Togakure Ryû, Gyokushin Ryû and Kumogakure Ryû. But Ninjutsu is not what Hollywood movies have shown us for the past 50 years. The myth of the shadow warrior wearing a black hood and able to disappear is far from being real. Although the historical component of the Ninja born as a low class warrior that had to act undercover and developed very unconventional combat techniques against a very strong feudalism system is true, Ninjutsu still a very traditional martial art which aims to translate this ancient battle field developed techniques into our day to day activities, self defence and personal development.

Taijutsu is based in the practice of the free movement of your body in combination with your surroundings and the best way to take advantage of them.

We have no competitions, tournaments or spotlights. The only real match is within yourself to become a better person. We believe in the development of honest and trustworthy human beings with remarkable principles and ethics through martial arts, which can contribute positively to the society and make a better world.

I hope you enjoyed this year Perth Japan Festival Matsuri in Perth Forrest Place a lot of entertainment, great performance, music, dancing, great food, fun and Japanese Culture. See you next year.

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