Aikido Martial Arts Yoshinkan Perth Japan Festival Matsuri

Aikido Martial Arts Yoshinkan Perth Japan Festival Matsuri

Aikido Martial Arts Yoshinkan Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018

is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba, as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy and religious beliefs. Ueshiba’s goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attackers from injury.
Perth Japan Festival Matsuri event is a Japanese cultural event that includes traditional music and clothing, martial arts and dance demonstrations, and Japanese food and goods. The Festival (Matsuri event) that is a pubic event and will take place in the Perth CBD. The Festival is the biggest Japanese cultural event in WA and the only event held in Perth that is dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture.

Yoshinkan Style Aikido

About Yoshinkan Aikido Perth WA
Sensei: Darren Skelton
1) Practical Aikido: Yoshinkan Aikido is well known for its efficient, effective and realistic techniques trained by Riot Police, Security Police and Metropolitan Police in Tokyo, Japan. Master Mori Shihan has taught QLD and VIC Police, Commands and Special Forces in Australia, India and Japan.
2) Strong Basics and Safe Form Training: Yoshinkan Aikido is strong in basics, having developed six basic movements to train your body and imprint required moves for applying techniques in the fastest way. It is a great advantage to have the form training style which gives you learn techniques with maximum efficiency and with minimum risk of getting injured.
3) Theoretical Methods to learn Aikido Skills: By practising basic movements and basic techniques repeatedly your body starts reacting any forms of attacks without a moment of thinking. Aikido is something hard to learn at the beginning due to its principle of moves-against-instinct, yet we can master the skills efficiently in a methodical class.
The founder of Yoshinkan, Master Gozo Shioda

Aikido Martial Arts Yoshinkan Perth Japan Festival Matsuri 2018

About Perth Japan festival Matsuri

Perth Japan Festival is a cultural event to held every summer (around February or March) in Perth since 2013. A cultural event to promote friendship between Japan and Perth. Includes Japanese food stalls, small goods, and exhibits of cultural information. Stage events include Japanese martial arts, music and pop culture.

Perth Japan festival attractions

Perth Japan Festival is the Japanese summer festival that all visitors to enjoy Japanese food, cultural exhibition and experiences. Our popular stalls are coming back every year and you can have a great day full of experience of Japanese
Looking for more hands-on activities can get involved in a variety of workshops and presentations, including the Bonsai Society Of Western Australia, the Fukushima Society. Gundam model kit building, Sanshin and sanba lessons, Yobe Cosplay York Wara art and more.
Foodies will have a field day too thanks to the likes of Batter Up Taiyaki, Fumi’s Japanese Pancakes & Noodles, Ninja Cuisine, Oishii Japanese Street Food, Shikisai Japanese Cooking Class, Tokyo Baby Cakes, Yatai By Cheese & Charcuterie and noodles more.

I hope you enjoyed this year Perth Japan Festival Matsuri in Perth Forrest Place a lot of entertainment, great performance, music, dancing, great food, fun and Japanese Culture. See you next year.

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