Muchos Mariachi Cockburn Cultural Fair Western Australia

Muchos Mariachi Cockburn Cultural Fair Western Australia

Muchos Mariachi Cockburn Cultural Fair Western Australia 2018

the roots of the Mariachi go back hundreds of years. It was the music of country people; music that celebrated the joys, the struggles, and the triumphs of the Mexican people. The Mariachi was a version of Spanish theatrical orchestra containing violins, guitars, and a harp. Groups were small and not generally known outside of the region from which they came.

Cockburn Cultural Fair

The Cockburn Cultural Fair is every year at Harmony Oval, Harvest Lakes, Harmony Ave, Atwell. It is family-oriented and inspired by the diversity of cultures and foods in Cockburn. Organiser: City of Cockburn.
The finals of Cockburn’s Got Talent will also feature at the event, along with other live entertainment, and live cooking demonstrations by local celebrities.
There is food and drink available to buy. Year by year just fewer people attending this event. It has every year heavy advertising campaign, but it doesn’t work. Even the performers are surprised they came playing for a small family crowd counted 300 people max.

The musical form and ensemble of the Mariachi developed differently from region to region. The ensemble that is familiar today began to take shape in the nineteenth century in the state of Jalisco. In other areas such as Veracruz and Huasteca, the northeast region of the country, the ensemble evolved differently. By the end of the nineteenth century, the cocula or the vihuela, two violins, and the guitarron were the instruments of the Mariachi.

Muchos Mariachi WA Cockburn Cultural Fair 2018 Australia. – Event date: 7th of April 2018

About Muchos Mariachi WA

The musical fiesta of Mexico, Oz style. Ándale, arriba, oi oi oi!
Muchos Mariachi featuring two trumpets and a guitar, the three amigos recreate the atmosphere of a hot night in a Mexican cantina performing a selection of traditional mariachi melodies with a few more contemporary tunes tossed in for fun.
Decked out in full Mexican costumes that include sombreros, this is mariachi with an Australian twist. Ándale, Arriba, oi oi oi!
Perth’s authentic mariachi troupe, many mariachis! Available as a duo, trio or full band stage show! get in touch for bookings at

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