Member of BW Matsuyama bulk carrier tested Negative for Covid-19 Kwinana

Member of BW Matsuyama bulk carrier tested Negative for Covid-19 Kwinana

BW Matsuyama Singaporian bulk Carrier ship docked in CBH Kwinana Grain terminal in Perth’s south at Monday 7th of December with a crew member on board displaying COVID-like symptoms. The crew member was transported to Fiona Stanley Hospital for medical assessment, the Department of Health said.This morning the crew member of BW Matsuyama was tested Negative for COVID-19.

There are 21 crew members onboard the vessel, which departed from HON GAI Port, Vietnam 24th of November. The vessel is currently at lockdown at port KWINANA Western Australia after a voyage of 14 days, 12 hours originating from port HON GAI port, Vietnam.

The Department of Health said it had a vessel outbreak response plan which has been successfully activated in previous cases. A Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment officer boarded the vessel on Monday wearing Personal protective equipment.

Member of BW Matsuyama bulk carrier tested Negative for Covid-19 Kwinana loading grain

All crew Singaporian bulk Carrier ship members BW Matsuyama were wearing Personal protective equipment. The ship was originally scheduled to sail off from the port of Kwinana on Tuesday night.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said the cargo terminal has been lockdown and it is not clear whether the ship will still set sail on Tuesday.

He said, “The question is whether the virus has spread among the crew, making them unwell and unable to navigate. This is the judgment currently being made to determine whether the crew member is infected with the Covid-19 or some other disease.”

The ship was put on lockdown on Monday the 7th of December. The crew member of BW Matsuyama tested negative for COvid-19 and returned to the ship, which has resumed loading at the Kwinana grain terminal and is now set to depart on Wednesday.

These things will happen every time if people will show COVID like symptoms.

It may well be some other illness, Premier Mark McGowan told reporters.

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