High Pole Acrobatic Lion Dance for first time in Perth Western Australia

High Pole Acrobatic Lion Dance for first time in Perth Western Australia

For the first time, thousands of spectators were able to see High Pole Acrobatic Lion Dance in Perth Western Australia presented by the 西澳中華會館龍獅圑 W.A Chung Wah Lion And Dragon Dance Troupe. Spectacular acrobatic Lion Dance performance that was presented during the Chung Wah Chinese New Year Fair 2021 at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts amphitheatre.

High Pole Acrobatic Lion Dance for first time in Perth Western Australia

High poles acrobatic lion dance performance, is also popularly known as jong lion dance or platform lion dance performance. High poles acrobatic lion dance is performed on high Shaolin poles with the lion performers moving from pole to pole during the performance, this is done with elegance and swift movements. These daring aerial lion dance performances are perfect for indoor and outdoor functions, the elevated poles are positioned at a height that allows for large crowds to view and enjoy the spectacle.

As a standard practice, the acrobatic lion dance performance is usually paired with the traditional lion dance that performs on the ground for the cai qing or plucking of the green segment. While the acrobatic lion dance is performing with its nail-biting dare daring stunts and maneuver on the high poles of uneven ascending heights, the traditional lion dance team on the group will usually be resting on the ground so as to not distract the attention from the high pole performance. And when it’s the turn of the ground lion dance to perform, it will awe the audience with the skilful movement that is in sync with the rhythm and beats of the drums & gongs.

Most of the time, the ground lion dance team will interact with the audience by getting near to where the crowds are, just to show its friendliness. There’s no need to be scared of them, they just want to play with the audience, and feel free to pet the lion as its fur is soft & fluffy. Photo session with the lion is also a very popular activity for adults and children alike, some lions will even pose for a picturesque moment.

Video Chung Wah Acrobatic Lion Dance High Pole Chinese New Year of the Ox Perth Western Australia

Lion Dancing for Luck and Good Fortune
Sometimes the lion will, through its mouth, distribute mandarin oranges which is always a welcoming sight, because the word “mandarin orange’ in Chinese sounds somewhat similar to the word ‘gold’. And so in another way, the lion is giving away gold, which is very auspicious, and it will bring good luck & fortune to the recipient, especially during major lunar festivals like the Chinese new year.

About 西澳中華會館龍獅圑 W.A Chung Wah Lion And Dragon Dance Troupe

Lion dance has been part of Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed on auspicious events such as weddings, new store openings and various festivals and celebrations. The lion, a symbol or power, wisdom and good fortune, chases away evil spirits and brings happiness, longevity, and good luck. The lion dance is also performed at many business locations during Chinese New Year celebrations as the lion brings prosperity and good luck to the business for the upcoming year.

The Chung Wah Lion Dance Troupe has a relatively short history. The troupe came together in Perth during the late 1960s by a group of overseas engineering students from Christmas Island with past Lion Dance experience. They got together and performed at restaurants, private functions, parties and cultural shows. They soon became known as the WA Lion Dance Troupe in the early 1970s.

There are two distinct styles of Lion Dance, Fuk Shan and Hok Shan. The pioneers of this troupe created their own unique style of lion dance incorporating both the Fuk Shan and the Hok Shan styles to have the better of both styles.

The troupe soon faced problems with lack of new members, but luckily during this time, the Chung Wah Association indicated its interest in including Lion Dance as one of its activities. It was due to this that the Chung Wah Association Lion Dance Troupe was formed in 1984. With the sponsorship and support of the Association new lion costumes and equipment was purchased and the troupe has been kept active with performances during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

In October 1985, a children lion dance troupe was formed in conjunction with the Chung Wah Chinese School. This new young troupe made its debut at the Chung Wah 75th Anniversary Celebrations.

In 1988, Simon Lee donated a great green dragon that resulted in the birth of the Chung Wah Lion and Dragon Dance troupe. Until then Chung Wah Lion Dance Troupe had solely been a Lion Dance troupe. We received our first lessons in performing the dragon by Simon Lee as he was a dragon dancer in his youth and had been a strong supporter of the troupe ever since.

The difference between Chung Wah Association Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe and other troupes is that we do not have a Si Fu and we do not practice Kung Fu or Wushu. Everyone has an equal say in all and everyone can have a chance to learn Lion Dance regardless of whether they have a martial arts background.

Our troupe greatest achievements are internationally recognised, being amongst the first of many troupes around the world to be able to fly three metres on props and do a 180-degree jump on the tightropes. In 1988, the Chung Wah Association Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe was invited to their first international competition in Malaysia, led by David Chew. The competition opened our eyes to what other lion dance troupe were training up for and the standards to be achieved. In 1994, we competed in Malaysia, Genting Highlands, and was ranked 7th in the world. In 1995 we competed in Hong Kong and was ranked 5th in the world and in 1996 in Malaysia we were seeded 5th out of the 28 competing teams.

High Pole Acrobatic Lion Dance for first time in Perth Western Australia

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