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Farm show Cracking the Whip Caversham Wildlife Park Australia

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Farm show Cracking the Whip Caversham Wildlife Park Australia
Farm Show !

Cracking the Whip how to?
Want to channel your inner Indiana Jones? Cracking a whip requires smooth motions and precise movements. Read on to learn how to get that train a-movin’.
1) Hold the whip correctly. With your feet planted shoulder-width apart, take the handle of the whip firmly in your dominant or writing hand. Hold it with a firm business handshake.Always practice whip cracks outdoors, clear of any people, animals, or obstacles.
2) Put the whip in starting position. The whip itself should be untangled and unbunched, preferably trailing straight back behind you, perpendicular to your hips. It doesn’t need to be perfectly straight, but make sure it’s not going to catch on your leg or hip as you bring it up into the snapping position.
Always start from this position, with the whip safely behind and to the side of your body.
3)Practice smoothly bringing the whip straight up in the air. All other whip crack moves are based on the basic forward whip crack. With the whip held firmly in your dominant or writing hand, bring your arm up straight up to the 12 o’clock position, as if you were pointing at the sky. Keep your elbow locked on the up motion, keeping your arm straight. To crack the whip, let your elbow bend naturally and snap your arm down firmly in front of you, keeping the whip clear of your body. Practice bringing the whip up smoothly, and letting the weight of your arm falling do most of the work. It shouldn’t be an abrupt or jerky motion, it should follow the natural motion of your arm.
4) Create the “loop.” The reason the whip cracks is because one part of the whip is traveling in one direction along a straight plane while the other end of the whip is traveling in the opposite direction. This is called the loop. When you bring the handle of the whip straight up, at the apex, the end of the whip will still probably be close to the ground and traveling up. As you bring the handle down, the end of the whip moves toward the point where the handle used to be, and will “crack” as you abruptly change direction. Maintaining this loop is essential to making good whip cracks. It helps to make sure you’ve got the whip in the right starting position.
5) Keep a straight plane. It’s important to remember that the whip won’t crack if you don’t maintain a straight plane. Whether vertical or horizontal, your arm and the whip need to be in a straight line to get that distinctive cracking sound from the whip.
6)Do an overhand crack. If the forward crack resembles a tai-chi motion, the overhand crack resembles a baseball pitch. Put your non-dominant foot forward slightly, and instead of bringing the whip up, rotate your shoulder back and bring the whip straight forward over your shoulder as if you were throwing a ball.

Caversham Wildlife Park introduces visitors to the unique selection of wildlife in Western Australia, from iconic native species to farm animals and rich bird life.

Farm show Cracking the Whip Caversham Wildlife Park Australia

Farm show Cracking the Whip Caversham Wildlife Park Australia.

Daily Shows – 10.00am, 12.00pm, 1.00pm and 3.00pm daily

Watch sheep shearing, crack a stock whip, milk a cow, bottle feed a lamb, meet a stockman on horseback, swing a billy, watch sheep dogs mustering the sheep – all the excitement of a true blue Aussie farm.

When they ask for volunteers, be sure to put your hand up – kiddies and grown-ups can get involved!
Take as many photos as you like, with your own camera – no charge.

About Caversham Wildlife Park

David and Pat own and operate Caversham Wildlife Park with their son David & daughter Debbie.
When they purchased the park in 1988, the park housed a small collection of animals and birds on a modest 5 acre (2ha) property. A few years later, the park doubled in size, when the family purchased the adjoining property and the collection started to boom. In May 2003, the family designed and built a new park in Whiteman Park, once again, more than doubling in size.

Caversham Wildlife Park is open 9.00am to 5.30pm every day of the year except Christmas day (December 25).

Last entry into the park is at 4.30pm.

We recommend you arrive before 3.00pm if you wish to see and do everything (some attractions start to close from 3.00pm).

To make the most of your visit and enjoy all of the attractions, we recommend you allow at least 3 hours in the park.

9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am – 5.30pm
9.00am to 5.30pm

Come and spend the day at one of Perth’s most exciting tourist attractions, showcasing the largest private collection of native wildlife in Western Australia.

Hand-feed the kangaroos, join in the interactive farm show, touch a possum or lizard, meet a wombat, watch the cheeky penguins being fed, and have photos taken with koalas! Caversham Wildlife Park; a great Australian meet & greet experience for the whole family, in one fantastic day!

All of our shows, interactive experiences, photo opportunities and animal food are included in the entry fee! With no extra money needed around the park, you can make the most of your experience at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Caversham Wildlife Park is very proudly owned and operated by a Western Australian family. We don’t receive any Government assistance; the park is solely funded by visiting patrons! Thank you for your support and assistance!

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