Double standards of Big Tech allowing breaching of Covid-19 restrictions

Double standards of Big Tech allowing breaching of Covid-19 restrictions

since every leader in Western countries is celebrating how big the crowd was protesting in Russia, no one ever mentions public safety and breaching of Covid-19 restrictions in Russia.

You clearly see the double standard. In Trump’s case calling his supporters to go protesting in Capitol, it was condemned by many world leaders.
But in the case of Alexey Navalny, big tech including Youtube allowed Alexey Navalny to incite his supporters to go protesting and breach Covid-Safe rules to stop the spread of Covid-19!

Remember Numbers from RUSSIA from the 23rd of January 20,921 new cases and 559 deaths
Let’s talk about double-standards & how big US tech companies handled Trump inciting his supporters to go protest at the Capitol and Alexey Navalny that called his supporters using Youtube.

Double standards of Big Tech allowing some individuals and politicians to incite protests – breaching Covid-19 restrictions and regulations

If you want to slow down and stop spreading Covid-19 the rules of WHO is very simple:

  • Avoid mass crowd gathering to prevent spreading
  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth
  • Stay 6 feet – 1.5 metres away from others
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean and disinfect
  • It’s likely that flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 will both spread this fall and winter. Why winter, because it is optimal conditions for spreading the Viruses, cold weather, high humidity causing the Virus to spread much faster.

    Back to Double-Standards, Donald Trump was immediately muted from all platforms after inciting his supporters to go protest at the Capitol.

    Alexey Navalny was allowed to used his platforms and Youtube to incite people to protest! Breaching Covid-Safe and covid restrictions

    Double standards if you impose tough restrictions against Trump, you need to impose restrictions against anyone that is inciting protests and charge him for violation of public safety and Covid-19 regulations and restrictions!! No big US tech platforms have deleted Alexey Navalny for inciting and his call for protest. Double standards!

    I call it the biggest stupidity!

    Similar actions, protests are the purpose that Covid-19 is spreading much faster. Every day people are victims of Covid-19 virus.

    Public Health and Safety is the priority of all governments, not just the Russian government.

    I call for tough prosecution of anyone that will incite people protesting, organising illegal protests, violating – breaching the Covid-Safe rules and Covid-19 restrictions and regulations

    Any platform that allows individuals, politicians using their platform to incite such behaviour must react quickly, delete similar posts. If not they should be fined in full by the Government.

    The government can ban the platform and ask WHO for assistance and call to condemn such behaviour putting the public in risk for the Arrogant, selfishness behaviour of some politicians.

    All Western leaders cheering how many people gathered across Russia, but none of them ever condemned the protests, violating Covid-19 restrictions !!!

    Widespread arrests in Russia and dozens of police officers injured. Many protesters charged for assault against police officers

    Dramatic footage of authorities clashing with demonstrators in the capital has been shared widely online as Russia’s statutory jail watchdog put the number of arrests in Moscow at above 600. Riot police worked through the afternoon to disperse crowds from Pushkin Square, in the centre of the city, as protesters scuffled with officers.

    Double standards of the World Leaders that condemned protest in Capitol USA, but cheering for violent protests in Russia

    I repeat anyone inciting protests and breaching Covid-Safe rules needs to be prosecuted for violating public health and safety, need to be held responsible for these actions

  • Person that publicly incites protests needs to take responsibility
  • Organisers of illegal protests violating Covid-Safe rules need to take responsibility
  • Every platform allowing inciting of protests, violence and breaching of Covid-Safe restrictions – regulations need to take responsibility
  • WHO experts said the Vaccines will not stop the spread of Covid-19 and following strictly the Covid-19 safety regulations is very important to slow down and stop spreading of the Virus

    It looks in this case that all-Big US tech applied Double standards!

    You can forget stopping Covid-19 in this way!! If the idiocy steps like this inciting of protests, knowingly violating national Covid-Safe restrictions and World Health Organisation regulations to prevent spreading. Maybe the World Leaders will cheer if in the next 14 days Hospitals in Russia will be overhauled with cases of Covid-19 and it will cost many lives.

    All for the personal purpose of some politician such as Alexey Navalny, Donald Trump that his priority is purely narcissist reasons and his own importance than public health and safety !!
    Double standards of Big Tech allowing breaching of Covid-19 restrictions giving the space to politicians and individuals to incite protests!!

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this week. We just need to increase people’s individual public awareness, so that they take more effective measures to minimize the risk of infection.
    Anyone calling for protests is violating Covid-Safe rules.

    The Russian Federation is one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 19 January, the Government of the Russian Federation has reported 3,612,800, cumulative cases of coronavirus and 66,623 attributed fatalities. Russia has experienced a resurgence of cases, which have grown quickly since September.

    Medical services have generally been able to provide adequate care for serious cases of COVID-19, but have come under new strain as the number of daily new cases reaches record levels. The healthcare system in Russia faces limitations and adequate care may not be available everywhere.

    Measures and restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 vary widely, as individual regions and cities set their own policies. Travellers should check with the local government in their region for current restrictions.

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