Christmas lights in Perth and COVID Safe regulations Western Australia

Christmas lights in Perth and COVID Safe regulations Western Australia

Christmas lights in Perth and Covid Safe regulations Western Australia. What you need to know.

Many people are excited to visit Christmas Lights displays this year! Here are some things to remember when you are going to visit Chrismas lights this year – COVID-Safe regulations of the WA government and Health Authorities and local councils.

Visitors – Christmas Lights

– Ensure you have checked for the latest COVID-19 restrictions from your Local Authorities – Local Councils/WA Health department instructions.
– DO NOT visit a Christmas lights display if you are feeling sick and unwell
– Please follow COVID-Safe instructions from the Homeowners, it can vary some can require visitors to wear face masks – required, Hand Sanitizer, Not touching the display and so on.
– COVID-Safe requests may be listed on signs out the front of the Christmas light displays or specified by homeowners of the Christmas light displays.
– Social distance – stay at least 1.5 metres away from anyone else.
– Stay in your car when possible.

Owners of the Christmas Lights Displays

Make yourself aware of current requirements & restrictions from your local authorities – local Councils and WA Government and ensure you are set up to comply with them.

When you are promoting or submitting your Christmas Lights Displays, please consider any further COVID-Safe measures you’d like your visitors to comply with in addition to those required by your local authorities and councils.

COVID-Safe Measures available for owners of Christmas light displays a selection of conditions you can consider:
1. Do not touch displays!
2. View from the car only
3. View the display from the footpath
4. Masks required
5. Masks recommended
6. Practice social distancing
7. Sanitise hands
8. Stay away if feeling sick or unwell

To better manage peoples movements and density please consider setting up your Walk trail display with a single Entry and Exit point.
– Consider roping off open areas where crowds typically gather.
– Paint or put the visibility stickers – crosses 1.5m apart on the ground in front of key features or attractions to encourage social distancing.
Make sure to visit your council page to get more information and instructions to run your COVID-safe Christmas lights displays.

Previous year of Christmas lights displays in Perth – video

Christmas Lights tradition in Perth Western Australia

Christmas lights of today can light up trees and window frames with tiny twinkling lights of many colours or cause frustration with their long and tangle-prone cables. But the first such lights, introduced to the holiday world in 1882 by Edward Johnson, a friend and partner of light-bulb inventor Thomas Edison. Before then people were using candles. Christmas light tradition began in Perth in 1936 with the electrification of Perth, many houses were putting light-bulbs on their Christmas trees and later making light displays over their houses.
Christmas magical night of lights is a long term tradition in Perth suburbs. There are so many wonderful Christmas light displays in Perth, many raising money for great causes too. Christmas is becoming an expensive tradition due to our price of local “cheap” green electricity. Christmas lights is an age-old tradition to jump in the car with your whole family and drive around the suburbs, excitedly pointing out lit-up houses.

If you like to list your Christmas lights displays send us the address of your Christmas lights displays – start date and time, restrictions required at E-mail

Have a wonderful Christmas. Please follow the instructions of the owners of the Christmas lights displays – homeowners. Thank you.

List of Christmas Lights Displays Confirmed by owners:

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