Independence Day Poland Festival Polish Club General Sikorski

3:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Event cost: Free
Independence Day Festival Polish Club General Sikorski

Independence Day Poland Festival Polish Club General Sikorski Celebration

Polish Club General Sikorski and Polonia WA invite you to join us in celebrating the
102 years of Poland`s Regained Independence🇵🇱
This Saturday, November 7th from 15:00 pm Polonia in Perth meets at the Annual Family Independence Festival. Getting dressed in White and Red 🇵🇱. Everyone is invited, so come with family and friends, it will be fun for all age groups. Dance, raffle, jumping castle for children, artistic corner and special dances of the Polish Folklore Dance Group Cuckoo!
There will be traditional Polish dishes to eat:
Roasted sausages, bigos, dumplings, tripe and more. And also a selection of delicious Polish cakes and sweets with coffee and tea.
The bar will also be open offering a large selection.
Let’s make it a white and red day!
Come along wearing something white or red, or both!
This family event is entry free and starts at 3 PM through till 10 PM.
The official opening and Special Entertainment are planned at around 4 PM. In the Main Hall, there will be an exhibition ‘First to fight’ about Poles on all fronts of WW2, prepared by Polish Roman Catholic Centre and Association of Polish Political Prisoners.
Everybody is invited, so bring your family and friends, there will be entertainment for all ages. Dancing, raffle, bouncing castle for the kids and special performances by the Polish Folkloric Dance Group Kukułeczka!
Enjoy a selection of traditional Polish food:
Sausage sizzle, hunter’s stew, dumplings, tripe soup, and more. Plus, a selection of mouth-watering Polish sweets, cakes and tea and coffee.
Licenced Bar will also be open with a great selection of Polish and European beers.

Independence Day Poland history

The restoration of Poland’s independence was gradual. The date of 11 November is the one on which Marshal Józef Piłsudski assumed control of Poland. It was a day of the military ceremony since 1920. The holiday was constituted in 1937 and was celebrated only twice before World War II. The date coincides with the celebration of the Armistice in other countries. All of these holidays and Polish Independence Day are indirectly related because they all emerged from the circumstances at the end of World War I. In other countries, holidays were established in the spirit of grief and horror at the enormous human cost of the war, and they mark the sacrifices of those who fought. For Poland, however, the tragedy of the war was tempered by what had been accomplished at its end: the restoration of a sovereign Polish state that had been lost entirely in the partitions of Poland, after 123 years of struggle. The Polish holiday is therefore simultaneously a celebration of the reemergence of a Polish state and a commemoration of those who fought for it.

Crucial to restoring independence was the defeat in the war of all three of the occupying powers. Russia was plunged into the confusion of revolution and civil war, Austria-Hungary disintegrated and went into decline, and the German Empire bowed to pressure from the forces of the Entente. For Poles, this was a unique opportunity to reclaim their independence.

Following the defeat of the occupying forces, the Poles seized military and civil power, building the foundations of their future state. On 28 October 1918 the Polish Liquidation Commission was formed in Kraków. The Commission seized power from the Austrians in Galicia and Cieszyn Silesia. A few days later they succeeded in disarming the Austrian forces using members of the secret Polish Military Organisation as well as legionnaires and young people. On the nights of 6 and 7 November, the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Poland was formed in Lublin under the supervision of Ignacy Daszyński. The government was made up of representatives from the Polish Socialist Party (PPS), the Polish Social Democratic Party (PPSD) and the Polish People’s Party “Wyzwolenie” (Liberation). At the same time, the Government troops disarmed the occupying forces around the city of Kielce and Lublin. It was at this point that the country’s future head of state, Józef Piłsudski, returned to Poland after incarceration by the Germans. His 10 November arrival in Warsaw was enthusiastically met by the population of the capital and saw the mass disarmament of the occupying forces across the whole of Poland. Piłsudski assumed authority on 11 November, forming a new centralized government and soon calling parliamentary elections.

Independence Day Poland Festival Polish Club General Sikorski


Date: 07/11/2020
Time: 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cost: Free
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General Sikorski Polish Club
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General Sikorski Polish Club
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Bellevue, 6056, WA, Australia


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Performer: Kukułeczka and various
Location: Bellevue

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